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Car dealers have always struggled with finding quality buyers. Many companies offer car sales leads, but few offer prequalified purchase intenders with verified credit and income.

That’s why CreditYES® is the Subprime Auto Lead Generation Experts. Our leads are first generation, not resold to us from other sources. Before a lead is sent to a dealer, we’ve already prequalified them and verified the information over the phone. We even set the appointment and give our leads detailed information about your dealership. Imagine eager buyers arriving at your location with all of their prefinance requirements met! When it comes to car sales leads, that’s the CreditYES® difference.

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Quality, In-Market Leads

We pre-screen all applicants for income and credit score requirements. Additionally we disqualify individuals with a history of repossessions. Once prequalified, the entire application is sent directly to you.

Industry Leading Cloudware

Our cloud based platform gives you realtime metrics. As soon as we qualify a lead in your sales radius, it hits your dashboard – complete with credit and income.

Fully Integratable

Whether you use our dashboard or have your own internal CRM system, we can integrate via API directly into your client base. See leads and booked appointments appear instantly.

Less Junk Leads

The Credit Specialists at our call center screen each potential customer thoroughly. We verify income and credit, as well as gauge their intent to buy. CreditYES® customers show up ready to purchase!


Led by a team of former dealership owners and automotive marketing professionals, we know the challenges of obtaining qualified car sales leads that are ready to buy.

For nearly 20 years we’ve helped dealers sell over 1 Million vehicles to subprime buyers with our lead generation platform.

With subprime encompassing nearly 40% of Americans, we offer our dealer partners massive opportunities to scale up.

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“CreditYES is the only lead provider I use and will ever use. Almost not fair for them because I often times feel like I should share our profits. The way they generate the leads. The fact that they are exclusive and their ability to filter out the buyers and schedule appointments is what really sets them apart. I sell over 30 cars per month. Month in month out.”


Daniel Petty, Owner, Lifetime Automotive, LLC, Cincinnati, OH

“I partner with CreditYES everywhere I go since 2012. They are by far the best lead provider I have ever worked with. Their attention to customer service exceeded my expectations . Last year (2019) I sold over 200 cars on the purchase of 125 leads per month and I averaged $3k average. Strongly recommend CreditYES as the best subprime lead source I have ever worked with.”


– Anthony Gatling, Special Finance Manager, Cedar Park Nissan, Austin, TX

“I have been a client of CreditYES for over 10 years. I also use many other lead providers. CreditYES has always performed better and I believe it’s the way they market to get new customers. Conversions and grosses are considerably higher and their Contact Center really does a great job at scheduling appointments for us and weeding out the tire kickers.”


– John Henry, General Manager, Roger Kehdi Mitsubishi, Tigard, OR

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After customers complete the prequalification process, they’re sent an email with turn-by-turn directions to your lot and a text message with all of their appointment details.

Best of all, with all of their information verified in our pre-screening process, these customers can shop with confidence knowing they won’t have a problem securing finance.

CreditYES® saves our dealers time and frustration. Buyers arrive, test drive, and buy without hangups or hassle.


To get started or learn more about how CreditYES® can help you sell more vehicles, you can call us at 503-208-7526 or fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

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We are a team of automotive professionals (our founding partners were dealership owners themselves), so we know how important responsiveness is. Our dealer partners can always get in touch with us.

CreditYES® is more than just a lead generation partner. We take a vested interest in helping you move more inventory both on and offline. By utilizing our breadth of industry knowledge, you’ll have happier customers along with increased sales.

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