Posted on: Nov. 27, 2016 in Driving, Safety, Teens

By the time your teen is ready to drive, it’s likely you’ve been a driver yourself for many years. It may be second nature for you now. You also may have fallen into some bad habits over the years. If your teen is hounding you to teach them how to drive but you’re not quite sure where to start, here are the top three pieces of advice you can pass along while you brush up on the driving laws in your area.

  1. Obey all laws. You may not remember them all, but your teen should. Laws and road signs exist for a reason and failure to follow them can result in someone getting hurt. This includes speed limits. Remind your teen that they must follow all rules of the road to best protect themselves and others from accidents.
  2. Concentrate. One key to safe driving is to always be fully aware and present while driving. Minimizing distractions from other passengers and the radio is key. Phones should be kept off and out of reach. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is never acceptable. Also, teens should avoid driving while upset, angry, or agitated, as it’s easy to get lost in emotions. Being aware of one’s surroundings means better reaction time in case of accidents or obstacles in the road, other drivers, and weather hazards.
  3. Don’t take risks. Young people tend to feel invincible. This, combined with the feeling of freedom and power behind the wheel, can have dire consequences. No risk is worth their lives. Speeding, driving dangerously, taking dares, racing, passing other cars and the like can all lead to accidents, traffic tickets, or worse. Driving is a privilege and a responsibility and should be treated as such.

Experience will help your teen learn to be a better driver, so it’s hard to teach them everything they need to know. Reminding young drivers about safety basics could be the most valuable lesson of all.

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