Posted on: Dec. 02, 2016 in Cars

The National Insurance Crime Bureau collects and provides statistics about, among other things, auto theft in the United States. The information this agency provides is very interesting. For example:

  • More cars are stolen on Saturdays than any other day.
  • Second closest: Monday.
  • In 2015, Halloween was the holiday with the most car thefts followed by New Year’s Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Eve.
  • The Honda Accord was the #1 stolen vehicle in 2015 with 52,244 total thefts.
  • Eight of the top ten hot spots for auto thefts are in California. Modesto, California tops the list with 4,072 thefts.

Here’s one more: In 2015, one in eight cars reported stolen was taken with the keys or the access FOB in the car. 57,096 cars were stolen with the keys in the car, making easy work for car thieves. This isn’t a new problem, but it’s certainly a growing one. In fact, key-in-vehicle thefts rose 22 percent from 2014 and the number grew over 30 percent in the last three years. Keep in mind, too, that many people may be hesitant to admit that they left their vehicle so vulnerable and, as a result, the true number may actually be higher than reported.

Leaving your car unattended is necessary, obviously. And you can’t always stop a would-be thief from taking your vehicle, but why make it easy for them? Lock your car and take your keys. The extra effort the thief may need to make could just be what causes them to skip your car altogether.

And if you think avoiding auto theft is the only reason to lock your car, think again. Many people keep their vehicle registration, insurance card, and other personally identifying materials inside the car. This gives thieves plenty of easy access to information about you. Additionally, if you have anything of value, leaving the car unsecured is just inviting someone to take it.

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