Posted on: Dec. 10, 2016 in Safety, Driving, Accidents

There’s much focus in the news and media about the dangers of texting and driving. No doubt, this is a truly dangerous habit. It’s estimated that nearly 25% of car accidents have texting as a contributing factor, amounting to nearly 1.6 million crashes. Despite the attention given to this hazardous trend, the numbers are not going down.


And while texting and driving is certainly a contributing factor in many collisions, it’s certainly not the only thing drivers are doing that’s not considered safe. Here are some statistics to bring awareness to some other common things many drivers do every day – and may want to reconsider doing in the future.

  • Hungry? Eating while driving makes you twice as likely to have a crash.
  • Did you leave the house without your makeup on or your hair askew? Don’t fix it in the car because you’re three times more likely to get into an accident when you’re attending to personal grooming.
  • Are you using a GPS? Glancing away from the road to check the map can leave you four times more likely to crash. Use a voice activated GPS instead.
  • Did you drop something? Reaching for it makes you nine times more likely to get into an accident.

Are you daydreaming or stewing over an argument or a bad day at work? While statistics are a little harder to come by, simply not having your mind engaged on driving while operating a vehicle can also lead to accidents. Focusing on the road and the task at hand can go a long way toward keeping you, your passengers, and others safe on the road.

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