Posted on: Jul. 12, 2017 in Safety

First responders all over the country put their lives on the line to help keep us safe. Are you doing everything you can to help keep them safe?


In an effort to help protect those who protect us, all fifty states have some form of a “slow down, move over” law. These laws set forth how drivers should react when they see first responders on the side of the road, but they essentially carry the same message. When you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road, slow down and, if possible, move over away from where the vehicles are stopped.

These laws pertain to police, ambulance, firefighters, and other roadside assistance technicians. If a car breaks down, gets pulled over, or is involved in a collision, it’s likely they’ll have no choice but to do their jobs in close proximity to the flow of traffic. As other vehicles whizz by doing 60 miles per hour or more, they pose a real threat to these first responders.

AAA has put together a list of all such laws in each state. It’s smart to familiarize yourself with the law in your state. You can check out the AAA Digest of Motor Laws on the AAA website.

As always, stay alert and do not allow yourself to become distracted on the road. Veering out of your lane, even by a little bit, can have deadly consequences. And when you do see the emergency lights flashing, do everyone a favor: slow down and move over.

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