Posted on: Jan. 20, 2017 in Driving, Weather

Now that we are in the midst of winter, it’s entirely possible you’ve driven in some less than perfect weather at this point. If you were prepared, you probably weathered the storm just fine. But if you weren’t, you could have faced some scary or dangerous situations. If you haven’t taken the time to get ready for driving in winter weather, it’s not too late. Here are some tips!

  • Check your windshield washer fluid. If it’s low, top it off. Even after the hazardous weather clears up, there could still be mist and salt on the road. This debris can impair your vision.
  • Replace your wiper blades. If your blades aren’t fully clearing the glass every time, it’s time for new ones. Streaks and missed areas can make it hard to see, particularly if the headlights of oncoming traffic cause a glare.
  • Check the tread on your tires. If your tires are worn down, you will not have the traction you need to control your car. You won’t be able to stop quickly, turns will become more dangerous, and you will have difficulty traveling on hills if they are covered with moisture or snow and you have no tread.
  • Check the tire pressure, too. If the temperature drops rapidly, the pressure in your tires can drop. If your tire pressure light comes on, have the tires checked. While it may be tempting to ignore it and wait for the temperatures to come back up, you could end up dismissing a major problem. It’s likely nothing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Pack your supplies. Make sure you have an ice scraper in your car. You may want to also pack an extra pair of gloves, sunglasses to shield your eyes from snow glare, an extra jacket and/or blanket, water, and non-perishable snacks just in case you get stuck.

It’s never too late to prepare for driving in lousy weather. You may feel like you’re over-reacting or over-preparing, but when the storm hits, you’ll be glad you did!

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