Posted on: Dec. 04, 2016 in Cars

Flooding is considered the number one natural disaster in the United States. This year has produced multiple record-breaking floods in various areas of the country. Homes and businesses have been completely wiped out and lives have been lost. In addition, many cars have been damaged as well. Once the water dries up, some unscrupulous people will clean the car as best they can and attempt to sell it to an unsuspecting buyer, when all it really should be sold for is parts.


Don’t let this happen to you. Here are some tips to avoid buying a flood damaged car.

  • Thoroughly inspect the interior of the vehicle. Mud and dirt can be caked into some of the crevices of the dashboard, for example, as this area is difficult to clean fully. Look under the dashboard as this spot is often overlooked.
  • Be sure to look in all the doors, look under the hood, and inside the trunk as well. Again, look for mud and dirt, but also for rust and corrosion. Pay special attention to hinges and other areas that would be harder to clean.
  • How does the car smell? Moldy or musty isn’t a good sign.
  • Check the electrical system including warning lights and windows. A bulb or motor may simply have blown out and need replacing, but this can also be a red flag for flood damage.
  • Obtain a vehicle history report. This can be a great way to tell if there was water damage to the car, however, note that it’s not always foolproof.
  • If the car seems too inexpensive, be wary. Someone looking to unload a car fast may be looking to get away with something, too. Do your homework and if your gut says something’s off, be careful.

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