Posted on: Aug. 23, 2017 in Driving

Do you have younger siblings? If so, they probably drive better than you do. Are you the youngest? You probably are the safest.


Privilege Car Insurance, a British company, conducted a study of 1,395 motorists and found that oldest siblings tended to engage in more unsafe driving habits than their younger brothers and sisters. These risky behaviors included speeding and cutting off other drivers. Almost a third of those surveyed admitted to using their phone while driving, and 17 percent said they applied makeup behind the wheel. They also were more likely to get fines for traffic offences and find themselves involved in collisions.

Apparently, birth order matters. In families with more than two children, researchers found that youngest siblings had the lowest rates of traffic fines and accidents and were least likely to engage in unsafe driving practices. Middle siblings fell, not surprisingly, somewhere in the middle.

Only children, however, are even better drivers than the youngest siblings, even though one could technically see them as first-borns.

If you’re wondering why these numbers worked out as they did, birth order is seemingly responsible for that, too. Middle and younger children tend to blame any bad behaviors on others annoying them, eldest children tend to feel they have good reasons to drive as they do, such as being late.

It’s unclear if these results would be the same in the United States, but if you have to tease your brother or sister, we say go right ahead!

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