Posted on: Aug. 31, 2017 in Driving

Hurricane Harvey has devastated so many people in Texas. Many homes, schools, and businesses have been lost and it will be a very long time before things can begin to get back to normal.


Another side effect of this catastrophic event that will be felt throughout the country is the rise in gas prices. The exact jump will be different in various regions of the U.S., but prices can rise up to 25 cents a gallon. Because the Gulf Coast of Texas’s oil refinery plants refine nearly one-third of our country’s oil and many are shut down due to unsafe working conditions, less oil will be refined. Gas prices are already rising as a result.

Conserving fuel will become everyone’s concern in the weeks ahead. Here are some tips to help you save fuel and lower your consumption.

  • Slow down. Driving faster uses more gas.
  • Avoid quick accelerations.
  • If you know you’re stopping soon, such as at a red light, take your foot of the gas as early as possible.
  • Put the windows up. Driving with the AC on creates less drag and therefore the engine runs more efficiently.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated.
  • Clean your air filter.
  • Reduce the weight in your vehicle by emptying your trunk.
  • Walk or bike when you can.
  • Use mass transportation.
  • Carpool to work and school.
  • Stay home – put off the road trip for now.
  • Combine your errands to avoid driving all over town.
  • Check your gas cap to avoid fuel evaporation.
  • Avoid letting your car idle by waiting for people or “warming up” the car.
  • Use online tools like Gas Buddy to locate cheaper gas in your area, but don’t go out of your way to get it (that defeats the purpose!).
  • You can save significantly in some gas stations by using cash instead of credit.
  • Use regular gas unless you must have higher-octane gas.

Lowering gas consumption is good for the environment and your wallet. In the aftermath of Harvey, it can also help ensure there’s more for everyone. It’s one small way to contribute that can have a big impact on your finances wherever you are in the country.

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