Posted on: Jun. 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

If you live in an area prone to tornados or you’re just visiting one, it’s important to know what to do if one approaches while you’re out on the road. In fact, it can be a matter of life or death. Tornados can move rapidly, so you may only have seconds to respond. There’s no time to think about what to do – you have to act fast and stay safe.


If a tornado is far away, meaning you can see it in the distance and it’s not immediately upon you, drive out of its path by moving at right angles to the tornado. Also, look for shelter in places such as truck stops, convenience stores, or restaurants.

If the winds around you are extreme and debris is flying around, the tornado threat is imminent. When you are faced with this situation, you have two options. First, you can stay in your car and make sure your seatbelt is securely buckled. Using a blanket, jacket, or something similar, cover your head and face. This can help protect you from breaking glass. If possible, or no covering material is available, duck and cover your head as best as you can.

Although you may have heard otherwise, it’s actually very unsafe to part your car under an overpass. Not only can debris fly through this area and have a greater chance of hitting you, the winds are typically higher as they pass through the opening. You can also be picked up in the tornado and carried out.

Your other option is to lie down in a ditch or something similar that is lower than the roadway, duck as low as possible and cover your head and face. Do not, however, crawl under your car. If debris falls on top of it, you could be crushed or suffer more significant injuries. If you aren’t in your vehicle, you must make sure you are lower than the road.

When traveling through areas where there is a possible tornado threat, it’s smart to tune your radio to stations that carry emergency updates. Once the tornado passes and winds die down, you must keep watch for dangers that may be lurking on the road. Sharp debris, broken glass, and other objects should be avoided. Steer clear of fallen power lines and broken gas lines as well.

Whenever dangerous weather is in the forecast, it’s best to stay off the road until it passes. While there are usually things you can do to remain safer, there are no guarantees and most errands simply aren’t worth the risk.

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