Posted on: Mar. 22, 2017 in Cars, Safety

Imagine this: it’s a beautiful day and you’re all set to go cruising. Windows down. Music blaring. Sunshine and the open road. Now imagine you get out to your car and… it’s not there. You look all around, wondering if you parked it elsewhere and just forgot. You look for a sign indicating you parked illegally and the car has been towed. But, no, it’s none of that. Your car has been stolen.


According to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration, a car is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States. Further, it’s estimated that almost half are a direct result of drivers not doing everything they can to secure the vehicle or deter theft. Here are some things you can do to avoid becoming a part of these statistics:

  1. Avoid secluded areas. If your car is hidden, it’s easier for someone to take off with it without anyone noticing. Park in open, well-lit spaces where thieves can’t take cover.
  2. Hide your valuables. Thieves will look for cars where electronics, cell phones, money, and other valuables are accessible. Some will even steal loose change if it’s easy enough.
  3. Remove evidence of valuables. Cords, chargers, GPS holders, and other accessories that indicate you might have valuables can also be enticing to a thief. As often as possible, remove all temptation.
  4. Lock your door. This might seem obvious, but many people believe their car won’t be stolen so they don’t take the extra step to lock it.
  5. Take your keys. Do not leave your keys in the car. The National Insurance Crime Bureau says that one in eight cars is stolen with the keys inside. Do not make it so easy for someone to take your car.
  6. Don’t leave the car running. Even if it’s cold out, or you’re just running into the store quickly, or you forgot something in the house. Turn off the car and take the keys, every single time.
  7. Initiate anti-theft devices. If you have an alarm, activate it. You may also want to consider purchasing a steering wheel or brake lock to deter thieves.

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