Posted on: Feb. 19, 2017 in Cars, Auto Maintenance

Is your car always the filthiest in the parking lot? Is it covered with salt and dirt? Or, maybe you’re the type to go to the car wash on a weekly basis. Maybe you love to spend the afternoon in the driveway cleaning your car until it shines. Whether you like to clean your car or you just don’t care, here are some fun facts on why you should clean your car regularly.

  1. Dirty headlights and taillights are hazardous. You’ll have trouble seeing and other cars will find it more difficult to see you, too!
  2. Bird droppings can eat away at the paint and wax on your car. This can lead to rusting down the line.
  3. Salt from the roads that is used to melt ice can really do a number on your paint. It can scratch the car, again leading to rust. Dirt is a problem here, too.
  4. Your car will retain more of its value. Less rust and fewer scratches means the car will not only look nicer, but it will hold up better in the long run. Whether you’re looking to sell the car or simply trade it in, you’ll get more for it if it’s been cleaned regularly.
  5. Remember all that dirt and salt? It gets up under the car and into the wheel wells, too. These are hard to reach (meaning hard to clean), so you may want to run through the car wash rather than washing at home. It won’t be as obvious to you if your undercarriage is getting rusty, but this will lead to mechanical problems over time.
  6. Dirty windows produce glare and are just hard to see through. Since you probably don’t keep glass cleaner and paper towels in the car all the time, you might forget to clean the windows as often as you should.
  7. Regularly washing the car doesn’t mean once a season or just whenever you feel like it. You should wash your car every one to three weeks, depending on the weather.

While cleaning your own car can be a fun way to spend the day, you may find visiting a professional car wash is easier and less expensive in the long run. You won’t have to deal with buying supplies or storing them. Also, the water is typically returned safely to the environment as opposed to just running off down your street. A car wash can get those hard to reach areas as well. You can also zip through the car wash in a matter of minutes, staying dry the whole time!

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