Posted on: Apr. 07, 2017 in Credit, Credit Score

Whether you want to know or not, your credit score is out there and it tells something about you. It isn’t a judgement – it doesn’t necessarily reflect your character or what kind of person you are – but it does speak to your history with credit, loans, and borrowing. There may come a point where you want to make a purchase or you know people will be pulling your credit score and the panic may set in, prompting you to take action to raise it. Can you raise it fast enough?


The truth is, there’s no quick fix for severely damaged credit. If you’ve been delinquent with payments or you have significant debt, you may not be able to pull your score up as fast as you like. But, there are some things you can do to pump up your score quickly while you work on the long-term fixes. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • If you can, become an authorized user on someone else’s credit card. Even if you don’t use the card, it will appear on your credit history and the timely payments will show you as a responsible borrower. Understand, of course, that while this may boost your score, if you open your own line of credit and fail to make proper payments, any good you do will be undone.
  • Increase your credit-to-debt ratio. One thing your credit report will show is how much of your credit you’re using. If you are using more than 30% of your available credit, your score will suffer. Paying down the balance on your credit card is one way to increase this ratio. Another is to request a higher limit on an existing card.
  • Diversify your credit. A good credit history will have a healthy mix of revolving credit (like credit cards) and installment loans (like car loans or mortgages). If you only have one and not the other, adding what’s missing can help.

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