Bad Credit Dealerships


The advantages of purchasing a brand new vehicle are plenty. New vehicles have no scratches or dents, drive off the lot with low mileage, and offer the peace of mind that comes factory with a warranty. 

A common misconception among car buyers is buying a new car with bad credit is impossible. When people have bad credit, dealerships sometimes don’t understand the extra requirements needed to qualify customers to purchase. Even so, thousands of people with credit challenges are able to drive away in a new car. Bad credit doesn’t exclude you from purchasing a brand new vehicle. Bad credit car loans help people get into the cars they want everyday.

Not only can CreditYES® get you into a brand new vehicle that you want and deserve, we can save you massive amounts of time and make the car buying experience much more pleasant. By pre-qualifying now, we’ll verify your income and credit information and send it directly to the dealer. We’ll even set an appointment for you and a sales advisor, so all you have to do is show up, test drive, choose, and drive away.

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For customers with bad credit, dealerships use the term “special finance” when it comes to auto finance. In financial circles, these customers are considered subprime, meaning they don’t qualify for “prime rate” loans. Consumers who have collection activity reported on their credit report, filed for bankruptcy, had repossessions, or a limited credit history fall into this category.

The percentage of people who fall into the special finance category in the United States is around 35 percent, so there are many auto loan companies that have products tailored to special finance (or subprime) consumers.

While subprime auto finance customers typically have higher annual percentage rates and may require a down payment, this isn’t always the case. As more people find themselves in life situations that result in poor credit, lenders and dealerships have developed systems that will allow you to purchase a new car with bad credit and not be chained down by cumbersome repayment terms.

Finding a bad credit car dealership and making a purchase can actually help rebuild your credit overall. By making on-time monthly payments on your vehicle, your credit score will increase over time. Purchasing a brand new vehicle will allow you the peace of mind of reliable transportation and will give you a positive repayment history over time.

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Know Your Credit – visit and you can pull a 3 bureau credit report for FREE once per year. 

Know Your Budget – Transportation is important, but you must balance the need for a vehicle with your other monthly obligations. An auto finance calculator can help by showing you what an anticipated monthly payment could be

Choose Reputable Companies –There are many lenders and bad credit dealerships that claim to be able to help, but you should always do your research. How are their reviews? Are there any active complaints with local or state authorities? Can you speak to a live person when you call?


Buying a new car with bad credit couldn’t be easier with CreditYES®. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a vehicle you want, only to have to sit in the finance office for hours. That’s where we come in.

CreditYES® has built a nationwide network of reputable car dealerships who are experts in helping customers purchase brand new vehicles with poor credit. We’re not just talking about small, one-location corner car lots (or worse, buy here pay here dealers). Our dealer portfolio includes some of the largest dealerships in the country and feature every make and model of vehicle imaginable. If one of our dealer partners doesn’t have a specific vehicle you’re looking for, chances are they can find it.

Best of all, the CreditYES® network is highly skilled in obtaining the best auto options for people with bad credit. With great relationships with many different subprime lenders, we have the largest network of bad credit dealerships that can often give customers multiple financing options.



First, you must either call us or complete our quick online application. There is no impact to your credit score and your information is secured with 256-bit encryption technology.

Next, you’ll speak with one of our knowledgeable credit specialists who will verify the information you provided and ask you about the vehicle you’re looking for.

If you meet our minimum requirements, we will then match you with a dealership in your area and can even set an appointment for you. The dealer will receive all of your application information, including credit score. While you’re shopping the lot, the finance department is already working on getting you a deal.

If you’re looking for a bad credit auto loan to buy a new vehicle, CreditYES® is your best option. Since our beginnings in 2004, we have helped over 1 million people get a new car. Bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that new car smell.

We are an established business providing financial guidance to customers with credit obstacles who want to buy new vehicles. Highly rated on TrustPilot, we strive to offer the best customer service possible from our Nashville call center.

The dealerships in our network are reputable and come highly recommended. More importantly, our dealers are highly skilled in the intricacies of subprime auto finance and have developed relationships with banks and lenders nationwide.

Even with bad credit, buying a new vehicle shouldn’t be a difficult experience. We believe your past financial history shouldn’t define your future. Our credit experts and trusted dealers are ready to help you drive today. Let us help you get into the vehicle you need, want, and deserve today.